Ask Permission to jambret wife, Ind. Shot While Fleeing Want

Jambret suspects named Ind ( 28 ) Foreign Sindang Village residents , District milling Buay Termites , Ogan Histories Ulu , South Sumatra , forced the clerk was shot in the leg as a result of trying to escape when they wanted to be arrested .

Police Ogan Histories Ulu ( OKU ) , Chief Mulyadi , accompanied by the chief of police milling Buay Termites , Adi Sapril AKP , in Balfour , Ind. on Tuesday said that the suspect is the perpetrator mugging that occurred on Sunday ( 13 / 04 ) in circles ( Weekly Market - ed) Village Sindang country with victims Rosdiana Goddess .

" Mode is used perpetrator approached the victim and pulled the bag that carried his prey and then fled with his plunder results , " said Chief of Police .
According to Mulyadi , the time would be arrested in his home , the perpetrator tried to escape through the back door of his house .

" Officer we had to fire warning shots , but was ignored by the suspect . Due to not want to lose his quarry , police officers milling Reskrim Buay Termites directing shots and the perpetrator left foot , " he said .

From the suspects , police confiscated cash amounting to Rp 2 million . Meanwhile , the suspect admitted for the first time Ind action penjabretan .
Father of two children said menjabret forced to cover the costs of everyday family life .

"Before I had time to ask permission to grab my wife . Doing this I was forced to pack , to cover the cost of daily necessities , " said the actor .
From the proceeds of crime , further Ind. , got a mobile device ( hp ) brand Mito and cash amounting to Rp 5.137 million .

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" All the money is handed over to my wife . Meanwhile, the victim’s hp I throw into the river " said the actor .


Paralyzed, Magelang It Permanent Residents Excitement Follow UN

A cotton mattress measuring 1 x 2 meters in a modest clapboard house became the foundation Achmad Herwan ( 19 ) to work on the National Examination ( UN ) the second day , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

Resident of RT 12 RW 1 Mlangen Hamlet , Village Menoreh , District Salaman , Magelang regency were serious about Mathematics at a small table .
Youth who nicknamed Henry is a student majoring in automotive engineering light vehicle Vocational School ( SMK ) Muhammadiyah 2 .
He was forced to work on the UN in his home . It was because Henry was paralyzed after slipping two months ago .

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Spirit to continue working with the UN seriously should be exemplary . Although , when work on the problems , two supervisors had helped him read about .

Later , Henry looking for the answer , while the supervisor wrote some shading answers on the Answer Sheet with a computer ( LJK ) .
This was done because the officer Henry dizziness and pain often complain of pain in his waist .

The two supervisors seemed impatient watching and helping Henry to complete the examination . At about 9:30 , he had completed math problems and submit LJK superintendent .

However , Henry could not comment after the work on the problems . He immediately lay down on the mattress is placed in the living room .
His legs seem smaller and limp , so we can be sure could not be used to run .

Occasionally he moaned as if in pain . In fact , a few moments later she was screaming and asking for all who come to his house to leave the place .
" He was still dizzy after work on the problems , " said M Toyib ( 48 ) , father of Henry softly .
Toyib said, the second son of four children suffering from sudden paralysis since two months ago .

He added that his son suffered paralysis after it had slipped while trying to bathe in the river near his home .
Treatment has also been taken by the family to bring the young man to the hospital to alternative medicine . However , until now his son does not go away .

" Doctors who handle my son had said he suffered from constriction of blood vessels and nerves , " he said .


U.S. Concerned About Heart Attack Bleed

Virus Heartbleed middle haunting world of the internet around the world , such as the giant online companies , banks , and all the institutions connected with the internet .

Financial institutions become the most dangerous because of its presence Heartbleed . Recognizing this, the U.S. government immediately issued a widespread warning , to all Internet users in the country .

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Party National Security Agency NSA and White House asks agencies to report all attacks related to Heartbleed .

They were concerned , the hackers were able to add the code in OpenSSL can be used as piracy efforts .

U.S. federal regulators also said to have advised financial institutions to immediately patch the gaps that may exist in the infrastructure . Furthermore , they also asked the company system is tested to ensure its safety .

Citing Mashable , vulnerabilities generated by Heartbleed throughout the internet is the biggest disaster in progress . Anyone can be a victim of Internet users that hackers exploit this virus .


Invite Youth Planting mangroves, Adeline was given Diana Award

A student from Indonesia re-create the fragrant name of the nation . Adeline Tiffanie Suwana awarded the Diana Award in 2013 by the British Government for his contribution to the environment .

According to a press release received headline on Friday, April 11, 2014 from the British Embassy in Jakarta . 18 -year -old student was deployed about 150 schoolmates for planting mangroves in Jakarta waterfront and protect coral reefs in the Thousand Islands region .

The award was given in 2013 yesterday by Indonesian Ambassador to the UK , Hamzah Thayeb , who will forward it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the British Embassy in Jakarta .

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Adeline received a certificate of appreciation signed by Prime Minister David Cameron . The certificate was handed over to Adeline by Ambassador Mark Canning at Embassy House on Thursday, April 10, 2014 .

" I am proud to present this award to the efforts Adeline remarkable accomplishments for the environment . I’m sure Princess Diana , in which we remember him through this award , will be impressed by the effort that has been achieved Adeline , " said Canning .

This is the second in the Diana Award in 2013 . Previous similar awards received by Christy Zacharias in May last .

On July 6, 2008 , when it had just finished primary school , Adeline create a program called Friends of Nature . In the course of that he invited the young people to plant mangroves .

Then , the program evolved into other activities such as freeing hawksbill and clean up trash on the beach .

International Diana Award was initiated in 2011 ago to commemorate the birth of Princess Diana 50th . There are more than 150 International Diana Award award recipients throughout the world . ( umi )

The Smart Way to Fight Body Pollution

Exposure to pollution often can not be avoided . Even so , it turns the body has its own mechanism to counteract the pollution . Thus, in normal exposure , the body just get a minimal impact .
Pulmonary specialist doctors from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia , Agus Dwi Susanto explains , the body has a mechanism of disposal of carbon monoxide at a time , which is in the morning after waking . Carbon monoxide is known as the most abundant gas in air pollution , especially from vehicle exhaust .
" Spending will be equivalent to carbon monoxide gas that enters the body from exposure to pollution with normal levels , " said Dr. Agus when found in a healthcare discussion in Jakarta some time ago .
Pollution levels are normally interpreted as being on the road and drive a vehicle . However, if the exposure is more than that , the mechanism of the body to release carbon monoxide was not proportional to the amount of exposure that goes .
Agus said , exposure to excessive pollution is caused by smoking or living in areas with high levels of air pollution , such as factories or near the highway . Secondly it could result in a total carbon monoxide that enters the body not everything can be issued .
" The rest will then be the residue and if it settles over the years will trigger diseases such as lung cancer , " said a doctor who practiced in the Friendship Hospital .

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However, exposure to carbon monoxide into the body can be minimized . The trick is to stop smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke .
Meanwhile, if you live in an area with high pollution exposure then you should wear a mask when outside the home . As well , eating foods high in antioxidants and drink plenty of water .


JCI is predicted to approach the level of 5000

PT Asjaya Indosurya Securities analyst William Suryawijaya predict that the Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) in today’s trading will move more aggressively respond conducive legislative elections ( pileg ) yesterday .

JCI is expected to move closer to 5000 levels rather be in the range 4904-4999 .

" The success of tertiggi scored at level 4933 , which is higher than the highest level of the previous day to close at 4,931 and the ability to trade in the green zone indicates that JCI has a strong potential to resume the process gains , " said William , Thursday ( 10/4 / 2014 ) .

William said, the nearest resistance that must be reached is at the level of 4941 , and then point back to the level of 4999 confirm that a resistance that must be reached to strengthen the uptrend pattern of JCI in the short timeframe , medium and long term.

Support is currently at 4,904 is a pretty important point of support . “Which if not uprooted , it will be enough to give an idea that there is no additional pressure on the JCI movement , ” he said .

On Tuesday, stock index rose 0.37 points, or 0.01 percent, at 4921.40 . Recorded 117 stocks rose , 209 stocks fell and 86 shares stagnant .

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Indonesian exchange transaction value amounted to Rp 7 , 43 trillion, with 7.58 billion shares traded and foreign net transactions reached Rp2 , 12 trillion .


'Selling' Mobile, BlackBerry CEO Around the World

WATERLOO - BlackBerry CEO , John Chen , traveling around the world stopping in various countries to promote artificial device company. This he did merely to increase the company’s profit that is currently dying .

Chen toured the state government to meet 40 BlackBerry in various countries and ended up in New York to do an interview with a reporter and analyst . On that occasion , Chen reveals what he did during traveling . (see also: pakan burung top song)

China’s bloody BlackBerry bosses to travel to various countries for meetings with business partners as well as the state government for the marketing launch of BlackBerry devices in the country he visited . Moreover , Chen also took time for a meeting with his team talk about risk management , mobile data security , identity management , identity and security .

" The problem is , I do not mind having to travel ( around the world ) and meeting with many people , but there are physical limitations to it , " Chen said as quoted by The Record , Tuesday ( 04/08/2014 ) .

" I live from one hotel to the other , I packed clothes , disassemble it again , packing and unpacking again . This week alone I have been to many places that now I do not remember , " he told reporters .

Chen trip to promote the BlackBerry does not stop here . In the month of May is scheduled to BlackBerry bosses will visit Indonesia to launch BlackBerry Z3 or commonly known as the BlackBerry Jakarta .


'Phablet' Apple Equipped with Quad HD screen?

Apple did not just give the size of the new screen on the iPhone generation anyarnya, but also the resolution of increasingly sharp. Even sharper than the iPhone version earlier.

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These rumors circulating after one of the suppliers of screen Apple in Japan claimed permeable prepare components screen measuring 5.5 inch. The screen is made with equivalent resolution Quad HD or WQHD, 1.440 x 2560 pixels.

In comparison, for the iPhone 5S course Apple just immerse resolution 1136 x 640 pixels.

Suppliers display the Japanese claimed that they are ready to produce and ship in April. So that was quoted from Cnet, Saturday (03/29/2014).

As we all know, Apple will reportedly make an iPhone with two versions of the screen, measuring 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch gossip will also be released in September.

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Well, coincidentally also the information is in line with gusts news from the Nikkei reported that two new iPhone is already in production phase components.

Source:http:// detik. com/

Menabur benih untuk restorasi hutan di Kamboja

Spesialis Reboisasi Arnaud Guidal mencerminkan pada tantangan dan keberhasilan kembali lahan yang terdegradasi kembali ke keadaan alami mereka

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Dua belas bulan - itu adalah waktu yang diberikan oleh istri saya . ” Pergi ke Kamboja , ” katanya , ” dan kembali ketika pekerjaan dilakukan . Jadilah aman. “Dia tidak senang tentang misi ini . Kamboja masih sarat dengan ranjau darat dan pengalaman masa lalu saya tidak ada semua kenangan yang baik . Tapi aku entah suka tantangan ini : satu tahun untuk menghutankan kembali 100 hektar . Tapi percaya atau tidak , penanaman pohon tidak semudah menggali lubang dan menabur benih di dalamnya . Hal ini sedikit lebih rumit dan ini justru mengapa saya menerima misi . Ini adalah pekerjaan saya .

Pertama-tama , kita tidak bisa hanya menanam pohon di mana saja karena kurangnya jaminan kepemilikan lahan di sebagian besar negara . Memilih lahan yang cocok membawa tim enam bulan pertama dari misi . Situs kami memilih terdegradasi wilayah kawasan hutan masyarakat di tepi hutan kering Plains Utara Kamboja , dan membanjiri hutan yang terdegradasi di dalam Perikanan Komunitas berdekatan dengan daerah inti Prek Toal dari Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve - terkenal secara global untuk array mengesankan fauna burung .

Kami berusaha untuk meningkatkan keterlibatan masyarakat lokal dalam setiap langkah dari proses reboisasi , untuk memastikan proyek ini lebih dari ” satu -shot ” , tetapi juga skema yang dapat direplikasi setelah itu. Setelah delapan tahun bekerja dengan proyek-proyek kerjasama internasional yang didanai oleh pembayar pajak Barat , saya tidak tahan dengan cara ” pembangunan ” yang dilaksanakan oleh orang-orang yang berpura-pura tahu apa yang terbaik bagi penduduk setempat . Akibatnya , kerja sama internasional mengumpulkan tak terhitung jumlahnya kegagalan untuk mengentaskan kemiskinan atau mengurangi deforestasi . Jadi saya memutuskan untuk membuat jalan untuk sekali . Itu tidak hanya menciptakan lapangan kerja di daerah pedesaan , itu juga tentang memberikan kembali martabat kepada orang-orang dengan siapa saya berbagi lebih dari sekedar saat. Saya memiliki respek yang dalam bagi mereka . Mereka tahu nama setiap tanaman yang dapat dimakan di lingkungan mereka , mereka tahu sumber daya mereka menipis . Mereka hanya kehilangan sarana untuk bertindak , kemampuan finansial dan juga keterampilan teknis kadang-kadang . Di sinilah organisasi seperti FFI masih memiliki peran untuk bermain .

Pengetahuan saya tentang bahasa Khmer memungkinkan saya untuk memahami apa yang dibahas dalam pertemuan atau di lapangan . Dan saya menyatakan kebutuhan untuk melihat penduduk setempat menyelamatkan diri melalui usaha mereka sendiri , tidak menunggu LSM lain untuk datang dan memberikan kas kecil . Ya kami membawa uang tetapi anggota kehutanan masyarakat bertanggung jawab untuk mengumpulkan benih , membangun pembibitan , mengisi polibag dengan media yang layak , penyiraman bibit selama empat bulan dan akhirnya berpartisipasi dalam penanaman pohon . Mereka mencatat segala sesuatu dan mereka sekarang tahu nilai dan upaya yang diperlukan dalam setiap langkah proyek . ” Biarkan mereka melakukan ” adalah motto kami . Dan pendekatan ini membuat upaya reboisasi salah satu yang termurah yang pernah , US $ 360 per hektar , di mana literatur pada proyek-proyek lain di wilayah ini secara teratur mengutip $ 1,000 atau di atas sebagai biaya penghijauan satu hektar .

Kami menanam lebih dari 100 hektar dan 140.000 bibit . Dalam beberapa tahun spesies pionir seperti Cassia siamensis dan Peltophorum dasyrrhachis akan teduh keluar lapisan rumput yang bersaing dengan bibit untuk air , sinar matahari dan nutrisi . Kondisi lingkungan hutan ( shade , kelembaban , bahan organik ) akan diciptakan memungkinkan perkecambahan wajar terjadi . Sebuah understorey naik pohon hutan klimaks akan menggantikan pelopor , bersama dengan lapisan padat pohon dibentuk secara alami dan apa yang disebut ” hujan benih ” yang dibawa oleh burung atau tikus benar-benar akan menjadi komposisi hutan akhir . Hanya generasi pertama yang kita tanam . Tanpa sedikit bantuan , situs tersebut akan dibutuhkan 50 tahun untuk regenerasi .

Karena saya meninggalkan Kamboja , saya terus kontak dengan mantan rekan tim saya . Mereka pergi untuk memeriksa situs di mana kita berkeringat bersama dan bibit berwarna hijau dan berkembang sekarang mencapai lebih dari satu meter yang tinggi . Waktu akan memberitahu jika kita berhasil . Bibit harus bertahan kritis musim kemarau pertama . Tim dapat melanjutkan tanpa saya sekarang . Pekerjaan saya adalah untuk tidak tinggal di sana selamanya dan melakukan pekerjaan untuk mereka . Saya menghabiskan 12 bulan memperkuat kapasitas tim rimbawan lokal . Mereka telah dengan saya melalui seluruh proses proyek reboisasi . Saya dianggap sebagai bagian dari misi saya selesai . Jadi aku meninggalkan bahagia dan bangga bahwa kerja tim . Semoga mereka semua akan tulus berterima kasih sini . (see also: vitamin burung)

Itu bukan ilmu roket pada akhirnya . Itu lebih tentang beradaptasi proyek dengan realitas petani dan anggota masyarakat hutan . Kedengarannya dasar tetapi jarang dipahami seperti itu. ” Pembangunan ” dibuat rumit, meskipun tidak mudah setidaknya harus dibuat sederhana . Hal ini terlalu sering dikonseptualisasikan . Kadang-kadang aku merasa kita hanya harus melihat ke belakang untuk melihat bagaimana timer lama digunakan untuk bekerja dan mengelola lahan dan kebun mereka . Proyek pembangunan cenderung untuk menemukan kembali roda sementara ada banyak pengetahuan yang tersedia secara lokal . Seseorang pernah berkata , ” tradisi adalah sebuah inovasi yang bekerja ” . Proyek-proyek pembangunan harus memastikan penerima mampu mereplikasi model sendiri setelah kami menarik diri , dan proyek harus menunjukkan bahwa penggundulan hutan belum tentu kematian yang tidak dapat dikembalikan . Saya dapat mengatakan hari ini bahwa di Kamboja kami melakukannya .

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/

5 How to easily start a healthy diet

Body health can be started from the food you eat . If you eat healthy foods , then it implies that the food will provide health benefits for your body . (see also: pakan burung)

But sometimes it is very difficult to start . Especially for those who can not resist the temptation of delicious foods and fatty foods . Here is a way for you to start implementing a healthy diet as reported from .

Get rid of processed foods slowly
Processed foods will mess up your digestive system and cause your weight gain . Therefore behold refrigerator and your pantry . Do you find a lot more processed foods than fruits and vegetables ? If yes , immediately remove and replace these foods with fruits and vegetables .

Minimize the cooking process
When cooking , try to minimize the ripening process of fruits , vegetables , nuts , and grains that you consume . This process will keep the nutritional content of food in order to remain intact and also avoid added sugar , salt , or artificial additives .

Consumption of fresh juice once a day
Consuming fresh juice in the morning is a good way to start your day . This drink will cleanse the intestines , provides the energy reserves necessary for the body , and suppress your appetite . As a result the body was so much healthier .

Do not forget to eat fruit
Do not be afraid to eat lots of fruit every day . Various fiber and vitamins your body is able to nourish .

Include vegetables in your diet
When cooking , do not forget to insert vegetables in your dishes . Vegetables such as spinach can increase the mineral reserves in your body , strengthen the immune system and cleanse your skin .

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Healthy diet you must apply to the overall health of your body . Begin by following the above . Good luck !

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