Two candidates Spouse Challenge minister Raise Fuel Prices

Two candidates Spouse Challenge minister Raise Fuel Prices

Finance Minister Chatib Basri challenging both presidential candidates (candidates ) who will compete in the presidential election ( election ) July 9, 2014 to allow for the option price hike of fuel oil ( BBM ) in the Draft State Budget Amendment ( Proposed Revised ) 2014.

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It is delivered in the discussion RAPBNP Chatib 2014 with Budget Agency ( Banggar ) House of Representatives in the House Nusantara II , Senayan , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 06/03/2014 ) .

According to him , the government has sought the option in 2013 . Offer that option , he added , is no longer possible due to the political situation which is difficult to implement .

"The option price increases in 2013 we ‘ve been asking for that time . If now the political situation is not easy . Strategic decision should not be taken . Except as both presidential candidates requesting a new price increase and the party I would ask all raise the price , " said Chatib .

The opinions expressed Chatib remember the rest period Revised as of October 2014 has been a time of new government to be elected next month.

Chatib explained , the current energy subsidy is large enough that reach Rp445 trillion . If the budget is divided per month subsidy runs approximately Rp37 trillion per month . The option, according to him , it is important to consider the candidates given the massive deficit that threatens at the end of this year .

" This we have discussed that there is no burden for the new president because the deficit exceeds 3 per cent in November. As a nation should not be doing this , " he said .

He hoped members of the House can work together with the government now that the budget deficit does not widen to an extent that is not stable . ” So , we do the budget cuts . Would love if we do not burden will come with budget cuts in the state budget , ” he explained .


Residents Bothered Sodetan Ciliwung Project in Otista

Residents in the Village Cipinang two RT Cimpedak directly adjacent to the project drilling to sodetan Cilwung - BKT the interference complained of the project.

Residents feel socialized when it begins drilling for sodetan , Vivi ( 37 ) , resident of RT 01 RW 05 , said that since the project began , a variety of disorders ranging noise until the damage occurs on the floor of the house due to the operation of heavy equipment .

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"If it was already afternoon kayaking local earthquakes . Was in front of the house to lift the ground up , " said Vivi , when met at his residence on Tuesday ( 05/27/2014 ) .

Vivi says , ceramics behind his house until it broke due to vibration of the heavy equipment operating . In addition , one of the front door of her home , forced to close because it faces directly with the project.

Vivi concerned about the safety of his family of operating heavy equipment in front of the house . ” I started to think about how my child’s safety . We do have a small child , ” said Vivi .

Yulistya ( 25 ) , sister Vivi regretted the operation of heavy equipment at recess night . Yulistya forced to protest the project workers have to work until dawn . He said the work should not be done at night .

Anita ( 31 ) , resident of RT 01 RW 04 other states , the impact of the workmanship makes groundwater contaminated for consumption . The incident had lasted for five days .

" Dirty water so I turned turbid , brown . Cook I have to love my child to drink . Houses also conceded dust , " said Anita .

Residents complain of this issue also shows evidence of a photograph of the contaminated water . Citizen complaints have been submitted to the contracting field but not getting the solution .

They hope , there is an explanation of the person in charge of projects related to this issue . ” It means we can no explanations . Equipment weighing how , there is the radius of the resident ‘s baseball . I do have young children , what if collapsed , ” said Anita .

Chairman of RT 01 RW 04 , Sari said , socialization is done with the keluarahan two months before the project was initiated not give a detailed picture of the impact that occurred at this time .

At that time , he only got the explanation that Otista III Road closed in one direction . In fact , the whole street is closed for construction projects . ” And until now that he is no socialization both with headman , it did not exist until now , ” said Sari .


Google Ads on Radio and “Smartwatch”

Advertising is the main business for Google . In the future , the search engine giant is not only showing ads on personal computers or mobile devices , but they also penetrated the ” smart ” other .

" A few years from now , we and other companies can distribute advertisements and other content in the refrigerator , car dashboard , thermostat , sunglasses , and watches , " Google wrote in a letter filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) , the agency the U.S. government regulating capital markets , as quoted by Business Insider .

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The letter was intended as an answer to the question I notify the SEC about the reluctance of mobile business income to investors .

Google’s revenue stream from mobile reasoned hard to pin down because of the definition of ” mobile ” will continue to change as more and more new types of smart devices .

" We expect that users will use the service and see our advertising through a wider range of devices in the future , then our advertising system will increasingly depend on the type of device , " said Google .

Google denies the possibility of ad serving homemade device via Nest Labs , the company longer ( startup ) maker of smart thermostats and smoke detectors which Google acquired valued at 3.2 billion U.S. dollars earlier this year .

" Nest … do not have a business model based on advertising and has no plans to move in that direction , " writes Google .


About the Public Service, People Say Jokowi Need Certainty

After conducting the inspection , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) , Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo satisfied with the public services in the District of Pasar Minggu , South Jakarta . Jokowi said , people do need certainty about public service .

" People want certainty . Do not let people come to know baseball is complete when, " he said after carrying out the inspection .

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Some document services in the district , further Jokowi , already as standard . For example , ID cards completed in one day , a yellow card was completed 3 days of birth certificates for people and a maximum of 5 days .

However , Jokowi admitted that there are some services which require a process that must be trimmed . In order to realize it , Jokowi admitted it took .

In addition , Jokowi appreciate these districts in terms of the absence of illegal fees and have ditempelnya 2014 budget bulletin boards at the district office . With it , people can control the use of the budget .

"If there is nothing, there is the right number. Society can directly control . Yesterday - yesterday that many people who monitor the straight , that’s good , " said Jokowi .

Previously reported , Jokowi conduct inspection in District Pasar Minggu , South Jakarta , Friday morning . Jokowi check a number of services , such as ID cards , yellow cards and birth certificates .


KPR BTN Enlarge Portion of Non Subsidy Funding

State Savings Bank Tbk increase the share of commercial housing finance to increase profits ( profit ) company .

Irma A. Zahiruddin , BTN Consumer Director , said the company will have a portion of the non-subsidized financing as much as 55 percent , while the portion of the subsidy financing 45 percent of the total housing loans amounted to Rp 89.70 trillion BTN as of March 2014.

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The loan portion BTN flowing into the company for 87.25 percent of total loans amounted to Rp 102.82 trillion . Consists of the subsidy of Rp 30.17 trillion , while the non-subsidized Rp 39.89 trillion . Later , other housing and credit of Rp 7.28 trillion to Rp 12.35 trillion construction .

"Demand for non-subsidized homes that continue to rise , " said Irma , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) . Meanwhile , in the first quarter of 2014 , growth in non-subsidized housing to grow 27.12 percent , while home financing subsidies to grow 15.60 percent .

Irma explained , home financing subsidies have kept its growth trend , as demand and interest are also fixed value .


Problem Presidential Election, Democrat Attitude SBY 16:00 pm

Democratic Party Chairman Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will officially deliver a definitive stance in the face of the Democratic Party ‘s presidential election in July 2014. Yudhoyono will formally present it at the head office of the Democratic Party today , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) .

"Today , at 16:00 PM, SBY will speak at the DPP , " said Chief Executive of the Democrat Party , Syarif Hasan .

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Decision-making is done right the Democrat Party on the last day of registration of candidates for president and vice president of the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) .

Yesterday , one candidate already registered, namely Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla . The pair is supported by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) , the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) , Nasdem Party , and Hanura .

There are still a couple of candidates who will carry out the registration , namely Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa . The couple supported bearer party of six , namely Gerindra , the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , the United Development Party ( PPP ) , the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , the Golkar Party , and the Crescent Star Party (PBB ) .

Prabowo - Hatta since yesterday guerrilla to various parties , including trying to attract the support of the Democratic Party . Prabowo - Hatta elite ranks of the party and its supporters in the meeting with SBY SBY residence , Cikeas , Bogor on Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) night .

Closed meeting , which lasted for 1 hour was in fact not change the attitude of the Democratic Party chose not to enter in any axis . Chief Executive of the Democratic Party Central Board Syarif Hasan stated , until Tuesday ( 05/20/2014 ) , the party will not favor any coalition shaft .

With this statement , the Democratic Party will not submit a formal support to any candidate until the registration deadline, the president and vice president .

"One of which was delivered at the meeting is about Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa registration . I declare , until tomorrow , Democrats are still non -aligned , " Syarif said after the meeting that followed Yudhoyono , Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa .

According to Syarif , the neutral stance of the Democratic Party that could change . Because , in this meeting , Prabowo and Hatta said it will continue to conduct intensive communication with SBY . He added that the President also asked the two men to first describe the vision and mission .

" When the program vision - Hatta Prabowo ‘s mission line , the same as the program is now under the Yudhoyono administration , the Democratic Party is very supportive . Was about , " said Syarief .

He also said , there are aspirations in an internal party who is also seeking a coalition with Gerindra camp .


Kemendikbud not guarantee Jokowi Name Not Out of Problem UN SD

Ministry of Education and Culture ( Kemendikbud ) does not guarantee that in the matter of National Examination later elementary school is no longer tucked PDIP presidential candidates , Joko Widodo .

That is , the name of the Governor of Jakarta was still likely to emerge as the UN about the high school and junior high level before.

Why the government does not dare to guarantee ? According to the Director General of Primary Kemendikbud , Hamid Muhammad , the percentage of elementary charge made ​​to the UN , 25 percent of the center , and about 75 percent of the rest of the cargo area .

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"If the 25 percent I guarantee there will not be tucked Jokowi name , I can not guarantee that 75 per cent , because the portion of each region , " he said when launching the National Program Minimum Standards of Education in Gresik , East Java , on Saturday ( 17 / 5/2014 ) .

But he remains hopeful , from experience when UN school , and junior high , elementary school in the UN , there will be no similar incidents , namely the discovery of the name Jokowi in the matter . ” Although this is not a category of elementary student voters in the election , but it’s the education that should not be polluted, ” said Hamid .

Previously , the name appears in the type Jokowi MCQs subjects Indonesian and English and junior high school when the UN in a number of areas . The emergence of the name Jokowi Kemendikbud recognized as an element of chance , and Kemendikbud promised to explore the emergence of the name .

UN elementary and Islamic Elementary School ( MI ) will be held from May 19 through May 21, 2014. UN will be followed by four million students throughout Indonesia .


Most UN High Growth Receipts

Directorate General of Taxation ( DGT ) of the Ministry of Finance , reporting , tax revenue up to May 7, 2014 at Rp 307.508 trillion , or about 27.70 percent of the tax revenue target in 2014 , which amounted to Rp 1.110 trillion .

Realization of revenue from property tax (PBB ) recorded an increase of 82.87 per cent of the most significant over the same period last year . UN acceptance until May 7, 2013 amounting to Rp 480.58 billion , while the UN acceptance until May 7, 2014 amounting to Rp 878.42 billion .

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Quoted from the data DGT , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) , the UN looks actual revenues reached 3.45 percent , from the 2014 plan of Rp 25.441 trillion .

DGT report also shows the realization of income tax revenue ( income tax) of non-oil until May 7, 2014 , amounting to Rp 166.48 trillion , or about 32.63 percent of the target of Rp 510.232 trillion . In addition , oil and gas income tax revenue until May 7, 2014 was Rp 19.006 trillion , about 24.98 percent of the 2014 target of Rp 76.073 trillion . This achievement edged up by 6.82 per cent compared to the same period last year of Rp 17.79 trillion recorded achievement .

While the realization of Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (Sales Tax ) up to May 7, 2014 at Rp 119.448 trillion , or about 24.23 percent of the target in 2014 of Rp 492.950 trillion . This achievement grew by 8.66 percent compared to the same period last year of acquisition , amounting to Rp 109.926 trillion .

Other tax until May 7, 2014 was recorded , Rp 1,690 trillion , about 30.79 percent of the planned target in 2014 of Rp 5.490 trillion . This figure grew 3.10 percent over the same period last year of Rp 1,639 trillion .


Train Collision Injury Victims in South Korea Goes So 170 People

The subway in Seoul , capital of South Korea , crashed into another train at the station Friday , wounding around 170 people , write media reports and emergency services .

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So far there have been no reports of passenger trains seriously injured . The accident happened just two weeks after the South Korean ferry overturned and sank . In the boat accident , 300 people dead or missing in ship’s hull in the worst disaster in the country in the last 20 years .

Most of those who died in the ferry accident on April 16, off the southwestern coast of South Korea are school children . Witnesses said the train left the station in the east of the capital Sangwangsimni when hit from behind by another train coming .

The train cars off the track and the penumpamg goes far enough along the path train to the station , YTN television reported . Many of the passengers were injured due to a passenger jumped from the train cars to save themselves , an emergency official said .

A doctor at a hospital near the station said the injured people came for treatment and did not appear seriously injured . A witness who was a passenger in one of the train said the train crashed into another train in front of him when approaching a station .

He saw blood on the floor of the train cars . The passengers were initially told to remain inside but largely ignored and forced the doors open in order to save themselves , he said .


Farmers Protest Victims Bill Kelud Government Assistance

Hundreds of residents affected by the eruption of Mount Kelud in Kediri regency , East Java , rallied in the Regent ‘s office , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) . They charge related government policy bank debt payment relief to victims affected by the eruption of Kelud .

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Mass originating from several villages in the District and the District Puncu Kepung admitted is currently experiencing economic hardship due to the disaster . In fact many of the farmers who pursued debt collection .

Therefore , they charge me promise never delivered governors and regents when they visited shortly after the eruption occurred . At that time , the government promises some relief , among which is the banking policy for farmers , but there is no realization until now .

" We just ask for our rights as we are required to pay taxes , " Burhanuddin said in a speech before the masses .

Held a mass action using a set of loudspeakers large size to be transported using flatbed vehicle . In addition , they also carry a wide variety of posters containing their demands . The action is getting an escort of dozens of police officers and municipal police .